Fittings in aluminium

Explore the Hidroself Fast Aluminum Line

Lightness and resistance, typical of the noble material, are reflected in every article of the line. Steel spheres ensure a safe and reliable connection for our quick couplings.

The Hidroself Fast Aluminum Line is a project that has allowed the creation of the most technologically advanced gardening fittings worldwide.

Aluminum accessories

Fast line

Steel spheres ensure a secure and reliable connection between our quick couplings, ensuring constant, leak-free water flow. Trust our technology for a well-kept garden with no connection problems.

Private Label Service

Did you know you can
customize our
products with
your brand?

Hidroself offers customization with the customer’s brand. for a wide range of gardening and irrigation products. In addition to the choice of color and the insertion of the company logo, we guarantee complete integration of the graphic elements of the company image.
We are committed to sustainability, allowing customers to use recycled materials in their personalized items.