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Hidroself Professional Line: Underground Irrigation

We offer a complete selection of in-ground irrigation solutions, designed to simplify water management in your green space, ensuring uniform distribution that maintains the health and beauty of your plants. Discover the convenience of underground irrigation with our superior quality products.


The Hidroself micro-irrigation line is perfect for creating micro systems on terraces, small gardens and flowerbeds. With a complete range and intuitive solutions, even the less experienced can easily manage irrigation thanks to our tap programmers. We satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers with superior quality products and ease of use.


Hidroself Macro-Irrigation offers robust and efficient systems for the uniform distribution of water over large surfaces. With a diverse range of equipment, you can manage large-scale irrigation with ease and effectiveness, achieving guaranteed results. Enter the dimension of Macro-Irrigation for advanced and highly performing water management.

Private Label Service

Did you know you can
customize our
products with
your brand?

Hidroself offers customization with the customer’s brand. for a wide range of gardening and irrigation products. In addition to the choice of color and the insertion of the company logo, we guarantee complete integration of the graphic elements of the company image.
We are committed to sustainability, allowing customers to use recycled materials in their personalized items.