WIFI Water Timer for taps


SKU: 3560
Categories: Sprinklers, programmers and valves
Tags: Wifi programmer
Product description

Tap WIFI programmer with WIFI hub, capacity up to 4 programmers.

Plug duplicator.

Bring irrigation control to the palm of your hand with our innovative WiFi tap controller, designed to provide smart, intuitive water management for your garden. Thanks to compatibility with iOS and Android apps, this device allows you to access and control irrigation from anywhere, at any time.

Imagine being able to adjust watering times, create custom schedules, and monitor water usage right from your smartphone or tablet. The freedom to manage the irrigation system remotely makes everything more convenient and flexible, adapting to your needs and modern lifestyle.

The ease of use of the application allows you to easily and immediately schedule watering sessions, providing total control over the quantity and duration of water distributed to your garden. Furthermore, the WiFi connection ensures continuous updates and a hassle-free user experience.

This tap controller not only simplifies water management, but also offers intelligent features such as programming based on local weather conditions, ensuring efficient use of water resources.

Whether you are cultivating a lush garden or maintaining beautiful green lawns, this WiFi tap controller becomes your reliable ally, giving you maximum control and the peace of mind of knowing that your garden receives the water it needs, at the right time and with a unprecedented touch of modernity.

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